Why Plymouth State University’s Music Technology Program is Unique:

When you study Music Technology at PSU you receive a BA degree in Music Technology. This means that in addition to learning how to record, master, produce, compose, and arrange music, you will also be taking private lessons on your main instrument. We strongly believe in educating the “whole” musician, and that starts by being the best player on your own instrument that you can be! Yes, you have to audition on an instrument to be accepted into our program! Being a great performer is also another way to make money in the “real world”! It also saves you time and money if you can perform on your own tracks!

Introduction by Dr. Rik Pfenninger

Our core courses include:

Sound Design
Multitrack Recording
Writing for Film and Multimedia
Music Mastering
Arranging and Orchestration
Music Composition
Technology for Musicians
Seminar in Music Business
Junior Technology Project
Senior Technology Project

Students also take courses in Computer Networking, Computer Programming, Sound Design for Theater, and Business Marketing. Students participate in an in-house residency at the Silver Center for The Arts working with National touring groups from all over the world. Gaining “hands-on” experience working with sound designers and engineers from the Silver Center and road crews touring with those groups.

Stu at the board
PSU Student working the board at the Silver Center for the Arts

Plymouth State University’s Music Technology 3 and 1 Program

We fully understand the high cost of getting a degree in higher education. With that in mind, we have developed a program that allows students to complete their last year of coursework while off campus. Students can complete their degree online after finding a job or internship, or by living at home. This allows students (and parents) to save on the cost of room and board as well as paying a reduced tuition rate for online courses while living off campus.

What Some of our PSU Music Technology Grads are doing in the “Real World”

Matt Berky

Matt’s work as been acknowledged by the Silver Microphone Awards, the prestigious Telly Awards for his music scoring and the Communicator Awards for his radio production technique. His music can be heard around the world on radio, television, medical animations, corporate videos, films, and documentaries.

Matt’s acclaimed music score for
The Inner Life of a Cell produced by Harvard University has brought Massive Productions world-wide acclaim. Featured on ABC World News with Charlie Gibson, the video has circled the globe, helping teach biology students all of the world by pairing animation with Matt’s innovative sound design and composition.

Visit Matt’s website:


Gregory Dillon

Greg is currently living in New York City working as a composer. Here is a link to his website:


Here is a video that Greg just released of one of his original songs that was engineered by PSU music tech grad David Swillum.

Ken Dickerman

Ken has started his own production company and is scoring Indie Films.

Ken’s Webpage:

3 Cord Studios

Derrick Cram

Derrick currently owns his own DJ Service titled Primary Instinct. Derrick has toured the world with his company providing a unique blend of music and sound design.

Visit Derrick’s Website:


David MacLean

David is currently living just outside of Boston working for a film/special events lighting/AV company called High Output Inc. where he is a Project Manager. He has been involved with various Boston film projects, most recently the Seth Macfarlane movie Ted. David has also been a project manager for large corporate and political events including multiple Obama/Biden appearances around New England.

Ryan McGonagle

Ryan is currently working at Rainbow Production Services, doing Sound Design and Shows throughout New England, the United States,
and Canada.

Ryan McGonagle Verizon Center
Ryan working the soundboard at an outdoor concert.

Dan Glynn

Since graduation Dan has played bass for Carnival Cruise Lines, a national tour of The Wedding Singer, and numerous musical theatre shows. Dan is currently playing bass full time for the Gold Unit of the Ringling brothers and Barnum and Bailey touring Circus.

Carl Wishneusky

Carl is currently club pianist at the Commodore Club aboard the Cunard Cruise Lines. Carl had also been a resident performing pianist for the Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Bobby Davis (PSU Grad 2013)

Bobby is working and touring with the Connection, playing guitar/bass, recording, and doing world tours

Here is the connection’s Facebook page

The Connection

Bobby Davis
Bobby is on the left performing here in Belgium.

Nick Antolini

Nick is currently living in Salmiya, Al 'Āşimah, Kuwait where he is performing and teaching music at a private international school.

Jon Barnes

Jon owns his own recording studio doing outside mixing and recording projects, writing, arranging, and composing music. Jon has also started his own website development company.

To listen to some tracks from our current PSU MuTech Students Click on the Following Link:

PSU MTech Tracks

PSU Music Technology Degree

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